About Me

I’m a young woman with a passion for the written word and the city of Philadelphia, where I’ve lived, studied, and worked for the past four years. To make the most of the knowledge I’ve gained from my time as an undergrad at Temple University, I hope to begin a professional career in editing and publishing or digital marketing.

In the past I have had the opportunity to tutor students in writing at a high school in Japan; this improved some of my own skills, introduced me to new cultures, allowed me the chance to form lasting friendships overseas, and also temporarily led me down the path of teaching, which I still have an affinity for. I continued to exercise my writing and teaching talents through a tutoring position at my university’s writing center and paid and freelance blogging. During my time at Temple I also studied small press publishing and self-published a chapbook of my own poetry under the guidance of professor and poet Brian Teare. Recently I’ve expanded my professional experience through the world of digital marketing and social media strategy at my internship in the Communications Department of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a culturally rich institution and one of America’s oldest public art museums.

Soon I hope to find time to reignite my site Wordy Women Collective — an online hub run through contributors that will house the work of women writers, editors, photographers, and entrepreneurs. Until then, I’m working on forming connections with other like-minded men and women and finding a creative place to use my current skills and gain new ones.

Artphart’s Blog is the home of a small sampling of my writings. After scribbling through sketch books and journals covered with peeling Lisa Frank stickers in my youth, I thought it might be a better idea to fill up white space on the web.


Feel free to contact me at my email amdannaker@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am a friend of your Nana Gwynn. She forwards all your blog posts to me. I have enjoyed and learned with each one. She has so many reasons to be proud of you, Alyssa. Thank you for being a bright star in her life.
    Jeanene Headlee
    Tucson, AZ


    1. Hello! Thank you so much for saying that, I am happy that I can make her proud. I miss her a lot being here in Japan but I love that my blog posts from afar make her happy, because I know it has been hard for her and our whole family, especially now that Poppop is no longer with us. I’m glad that you enjoyed my writings and it really means a lot to me what you said. Thank you so much!


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