Strange Thrifting Finds…

One of the many thrills of thrift shopping is encountering the strange: the odd artifacts, the weird and failed ideas, and the creepy concoctions that people have donated (and mysteriously also bought at one point in their life?). Out with mom we ran into some things that fit right into those categories…


A goose with an evil smirking face, fully clothed and topped with a strange witch/Robin-Hood-like hat, riding (riding?) another faceless hat-donned goose (????). Why did someone feel the need to create this? Who exactly does this appeal to? The creepy pairing of the expressionless goose and its rider could be some sort of commentary on class, I suppose, in the goose realm and thus human realm, but it’s a little bit of a disturbing stretch… Nonetheless, its photo had to be captured. Obviously its message was too important and terrifying to be overlooked; I couldn’t pass it by.


Ignore the hot pink bird house and focus on the odd eyeglassed monkey. Coconut-like, the wooden figure was created to have a full head of dry, grassy hair. Why. Needless to say, Care & Share definitely held our attention for almost two hours, but these weird figures didn’t make it into our cart.


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