Thrifting — Habitat for Humanity ReStore

To volunteer is to not only offer up your self and your time, but to feed into someone else’s hope, encourage a happier and easier life, and support a piece of society that needs and sometimes depends on outreach as a buttress. I volunteer a little and am planning to do more, but as someone who enjoys shiny new toys (toys being mainly clothes and books, in my case…), another easy way I’ve learned to give back is to give.. to yourself. Shopping. My family and I have graced a range of thrift stores with our presence and money: Impact, Care & Share, Salvation Army, 2nd Avenue–and a few days ago–Habitat for Humanity 3 The Habitat ReStore we visited, surprisingly large and  warehouse-like, boasted a floor filled with furniture and home dressings: sofas, bed frames, dining/coffee/side tables, paintings and empty frames, wreaths, dish ware, dining and sitting chairs… anything and everything. I read a Yelp review that deemed the ReStore a place focused on home improvement and furnishing–not a bad label considering half of the main floor was dedicated to furniture. While I didn’t get to scope out the back of the store where I’m guessing smaller home decor items lurked, the front of the store had a lot that held my attention. Near the register was a little table aphoto 2nd wall cluttered with home redecorating inspiration. It showed before-and-after photos of upcycled thrift-found items like dressers and jewelry stands–a brilliant way to attract crafty customers, even while deterring some with those terrifying “pouty” corner dolls. I didn’t think Habitat would have a large selection of books amongst all the furniture but scanning the shelves and categories took up most of my time there. Paperbacks were five for a dollar and I did manage to find a few (passing by the used and mysteriously stained copies of 50 Shades of Gray on the “Newly In” shelf) that I wanted to put on my reading list–some Joyce, Memoirs of a GeishaThe Hours, a Japanese language book that could come in handy, and Love Story, a 70s romance novel with a groovy cover that Wikipedia says was the top seller in fiction of 1970 in the US. Apparently a Bollywood film was also created based on the novel, and the book itself was written as a kind of preview for the screenplay Segal already had in the works on production. photoAlthough I was unable to find my beloved Joe Nesbo among the mystery and crime titles, Habitat definitely housed better books than Care & Share; the reads were newer, the shelves better organized, and the content more diversified. Habitat for Humanity ReStore is most definitely worth a look.


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