Godfrey Reggio’s “Evidence” & “Visitors” — Hypnotizing Documentaries

I just sort of happened upon this film director who creates experimental — for the most part — documentaries, and when I discovered that he created a doc last year (“Visitors” 2013) about technology and human emotion, I looked through his other work and found a short he made in ’95 entitled “Evidence.” It features children, wide-eyed and slack-jawed, staring at a television screen, filmed so that they appear to be staring straight ahead at the viewer. It seems as if Reggio liked the strange aura surrounding television-watchers because he went back to the idea in 2013 with “Visitors,” a full-length documentary IMDB and visitorsfilm.com say “reveals humanity’s trance-like relationship with technology.” I watched the short 7-8 minute “Evidence” and needless to say, “Visitors” quickly made it onto my IMDB watchlist. I’m intrigued by Reggio’s experimental filming style and the concept of the trance-like relationship itself, so hopefully “Visitors” is just as clean and seamless as its trailers make it out to be. Phillip Glass’s score for the movie also sounds like it blends well with the black-and-white crispness of the film.


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