On the Self and Inner Strength

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Zen Shin Talks, Sensei Ogui

I owe this find to a post by grav3yardgirl, a YouTuber that I turn to when I want to reassure myself that there are, indeed, people who embrace all things goofy (as I do on a daily basis…). I think this quote hits at something valuable to remember at many stages in life. It seems that people constantly struggle to fixate on a place somewhere in the middle of personal identity, desire, and social acceptability, whether you’re a teen tackling high school or an adult facing social and work-related responsibilities.

Photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/227080006184883743/

“Blooming” separately, on our own, all the while disregarding possible competition and conflict, is difficult when you factor in others – attachments, friends and family, people who make you feel, people who shake things up, disturb the peace, make you love, make you cry. And made more difficult when you factor in the things you control that also hold you back: disabling fear, staggering self-confidence, lack in faith. “Blooming” like some accomplished flower is a jagged, roughly cut diamond of a feat. Who doesn’t want to bloom, be free, do what you want and shine for it on a personal and basic human level?

Photo: http://themaskofgod.blogspot.com/2012/11/web-development.html

To sit and admire all the mirrors, reflections of you and your favorite accomplishments, big, small, and in between… It sounds like a dream. But still glint the edges, squaring off the reflections, marking the events in the timeline – things encountered that have stunted your growth along the way. I know for me, both comparison and failure (on a daily basis, unfortunately) is involuntary, but others remind me of what I can call my own. Although my feats are tiny, I’m proud they exist. I think recognizing that clears the yellow brick road for my “bloom,” constantly a thing in progress.


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