Sitting in a Loud Cafe

OCF Coffeehouse, at a table near the back door

9 blindingly yellow lights on the ceiling.

I feel as if this is a good place to be at right now. He, outlining his next project on his laptop, intense dark eyes flickering from keyboard to screen, closed off with his noise in the earbuds too big to fit my small ear holes. And me, starting this — something new.

I’m happy where we are, even if I felt the opposite just a week ago. I hope that more cafes will see our skinny 20-year-old selves this year. It’s pretty late in the game for a New Year’s resolution, but this would have been it. Cafes have a different feel about them. Productivity and warm liquid. Obnoxious tunes and thick wood tables. I want to explore this city before whatever happens in the next chapter drags me away to another foreign place. I need earmuffs. I can feel the burn of the cold on my ears every time someone new walks in.

Handheld or tripod shots? How about both?


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